Thursday, December 14, 2017


I find the discussions I read about net neutrality amusing because I was there at the beginning as were many of you. I started up on the internet with a 2400 baud modem I got from my brother-in-law who had just upgraded. After a while I upgraded to a faster dialup modem because that's how my finances rocked. I could have paid over a $1000 for a T1 line but it probably wasn't available in my neighborhood and I couldn't afford it and I moved often enough that it was too ridiculous to contemplate.

The FCC repealed Net Neutrality today and returned the internet to the shape it was in before fascists struck and took over running everything for their benefit and their profit under Obama. We have returned to the light and I can't see why so many people are caterwauling about how the internet is ruined now, just ruined!

I don't see exactly why people are moaning about having to pay for what they get. The ISP spent the big bucks, in fact, the only money, to install internet service across the country and then they lose customers who whine about the slowness because everybody and his uncle is downloading movies. Everybody in the real world knows that you pay for the bandwidth you use. (Does not apply to radio or TV stations that don't have to pay a dime).

I looked at the NN rules Obama threw into the gears as nothing but a very serious attempt by him, to force ISPs to upgrade their networks in order to accommodate more and more traffic driven from google, netflix, amazon, facebook and the rest of the billion $ companies who won't be required or expected to pay a dime to subsidize the network infrastructure. That's what net neutrality was all about. It was seizing control of the assets of the ISPs and turning them into unpaid adjuncts of the DNC funding giants of the internet.

The toll road analogy is pretty much spot on. You can take the interstate or you can go faster and save time by paying extra $ to the company that built the toll road and get to the same destination faster. The thing about the analogy though, is that we all pay for the interstate at different rates. Tractor trailers pay a lot more money to use the highway than you or I do because they cause significantly more wear and tear on the roads. That sounds fair to me and,

The truckers aren't really the ones paying those higher fees and tolls because the trucking companies pass those right along to the businesses that hired them to move heavy bulky goods over the roads. In other words, it's about as neutral as you can get and the options are reserved to the consumers. Why would anybody think that was some sort of nightmare scenario?

I listened to NPR again this morning and yes, I know, it's bad for me, but they had on the usual gaggle of ignorant pissant experts from the extreme left who argued that we should be more like parts of Europe where the internet consumer is protected from the thieving ISPs by being able to take their business to other vendors and say that we in 'merika can't because thieving ISPs and consolidation of ISPs.

They all think we're rubes but they never lived in small towns in America and I've lived in a bunch of them and I know for a fact that as the internet was rolling out those towns all viewed it as a one time cash cow and so they all SOLD the rights to install to one vendor who made the 'best offer' to pay for the privilege of wiring up the place. In some they sold it to different ISPs one neighborhood at a time.

You should see the crap they pulled when it came to overheading the internet on municipal utility poles and how every single time the vendor included a non-compete clause restricting net access to just his/her service. Gads, before the real broadband I used to move frequently and every time I moved I moved to a neighborhood that, as usual, had just one provider and it was always a different provider.

I moved from West Oakland to Emeryville and from there to Solana Beach and from there to Del Mar Heights and from there to Encinitas and every single time, I left my email address behind because it could not be transferred into the new town until yahoo and then google mail rolled out. My employer was our Uncle Sam and his IT people did a lot more than frown at people who used .mil accounts for personal business.

In what other realm do these ninnies who are outraged at the revocation of NN object to pay to play? They eat it up if it means bribing Hilary Clinton to get access to the State Department and change our policy all over the world. They have no problems with pay to play at the DNC or whatever the rethuglicans call the losers running their national campaign. Every single person in America knows that people only give money to congressmen and senators because they expect and get a quid pro quo.

At this point, I will pause and listen to what you have to say.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It was once an interesting magazine back when all that mattered was beating on democrats. However, after the selection of Donald Trump as republican candidate the NRO jumped the shark and headed out to sea.

They published a masterful article on the disease known as Mueller and carefully laid out what a complete partisan hack he was who carefully selected inside the beltway crony democratic party Trump haters and after carefully describing the way the special investigator hihjacked the special investigation, the National Review concluded:
What then is going on here?   
No one knows. We should assume that there will be almost daily new disclosures of the Mueller investigation’s conflicts of interest that were heretofore deliberately suppressed. Yet Donald Trump at this point would be unhinged if he were to fire Special Counsel Mueller — given that the investigators seem intent on digging their own graves through conflicts of interest, partisan politicking, leaking, improper amorous liaisons, indiscreet communications, and stonewalling the release of congressionally requested information.
They still don't get President Trump and it looks unlikely they ever will understand the man. I think he probably has Sessions and the DOJ carefully laying out indictments for all of the people involved in the Special Counsel hitjob and they probably include wiretaps.

I wouldn't want to be Mueller, Comey or any of the counsels and investigators on the hijacked special investigation into collusion with Russia. They're going down and perhaps Hillary, finally, as well.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Friday, December 8, 2017


IF, I had a time machine. I really like history. I'd delve around the neartime and then reach into the deep time before english or french and find myself dead. I don't speak the lingo. My brother-in-law thinks he knows attic greek and I tell him his office is in the attic and he doesn't. I once found myself on a bus to Cadiz with a much more senior officer who swore he knew spanish. We went to a lot of places before we got to Cadiz, which was closed for the day, because Sunday. Not in a hurry to go there again.

The Fall of Civil life happened once and I regret to see it happening again today. The so-called refugees and migrants are bringing the death of civilization with them and as with Rome, none can see it.

And yes, I posted it once but I think it is worth watching again and so should you.

Oh, and two women in my life have now sent me copies of Ancillary Justice. If they weren't relatives I'd hope I run out of women who want to send me a book I'll never ever read. Ever.


I kept hearing this again and again today as if peace there was something that was in our hand to give.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I see a lot of people who propel  themselves about the nation and drop whatever they're doing when their phone rings. I tend to laugh.

I've been living here for 6 years and I could not tell you what the house phone number is and, to be honest, should I ever learn it, I won't ever tell anybody else what the number is.

I have a cell phone I bought in the last century, I think. It is still a San Diego # and I get random calls with messages announcing the end of the universe if the wrong number guy doesn't instantly return the call.  It goes without saying, I don't bother.

I remember one worthwhile time management course I sat through and the only think I took away from it was never ever answer somebody else's phone. Don't do it.

I had a new boss who was in my office and was trying to puzzle out what my exact role was in the world before time, back when I was running things and we sure as hell didn't have patrol boat officers who surrendered to Iranian surfboards armed with a Persian and a gun. The phone was ringing in the office as we conversed and he wanted to know why I wasn't answering it because, 'dammit, the phone is ringing'! 

He was an 05 and I was on 03 at the time and I said, 'why don't you answer it?' It wasn't my phone.

I remember my last conversation with him, many years later, when he was commodore and I was a CO and he asked me if I was going to go to Congress about the issue we were talking about and my answer was, maybe. The phone was right there on his desk.

I answer the phone once a day. That seems to be enough.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


I saw this picture at Daily Time Waster and it brought back a memory of attending the Expeditionary Warfare Conference in Panama City. I was greatly entertained by the Army general from TRADOC who got up and gave his speech while weaving in two or three other threads as he talked about training and doctrine. He babbled on very happily and without any hint of PowerPoint and introduced us to the Chief of Staff Army of the United States, who, after the War Between the States, decided that something had to be done about the multiplicity of knives that the soldiers were forced to carry.

He helpfully listed them: gutting knife, skinning knife, bayonet, hunting knife, hoof knife, oh there were a lot of knives in the Army of 1870, and working with others, he set out to reduce the number to the essential knife.

As a tiny detour he then talked about the wonderful breech loading rifle the Army had just equipped its soldiers with and what a marvel of technology it was. It was new and cool and the Army had perhaps fired as many as 100 rounds out of any of those shiny new rifles when they shipped a load out west to equip General Custer's 7th Cavalry. Everybody was impressed with the shiny new rifle and promptly tossed the old guns.

At this point, he detoured once again and talked about some really smart Germans in 1914 who invented a railroad gun that could shoot up targets over the horizon. The Germans carefully took into account the curvature of the earth, the atmospheric density, the wind and just about every other thing that could turn a ballistic solution into a miss and they even calculated the wear and tear on the bore of the gun and had made precision shells for the gun that would, as the bore wore down, increase in size and so still achieve the precise muzzle velocity that would let them hit targets in France.

Now the general was not anti-technology. That's not TRADOC's job. He just liked history and liked to talk.

The upshot of course is that when Custer and his bit of cavalry got to Wounded Knee and found every single armed indian in the West and started to use those new rifles, they found that the brass shells had a nasty tendency to split which fouled the breech and basically left the cavalrymen with some very expensive clubs. Because, the Army had also come through on the Army Combat Knife which was, as usual, one size fits all and could be used to cook, dig latrines and pick stones out of horse's hoof but which, in the event, was way to big to be used to dig out the little pieces of brass bullet that had been stripped off by the extractor when the guns fired their 101st round and the barrel had heated up and nobody knew the extractor suffered a fatal heat casualty because nobody had test fired the guns until they got that hot because, after all, how many indians could there be?

We were all laughing at this point but, it wasn't really anything to laugh at and those of us who were program managers decided to take another look at what we were building for the fleet or the Army and maybe make sure we weren't repeating an old mistake.

Germany's Prince of somewhere was inspecting the giant gun which was fired twice and he admired how the 1200 men it took to man and fire the gun went about the task with precision. The gun fired two rounds and stopped. The Prince asked the gunnery commander what he hit over the curve of the earth and the German commander was kind of stymied. He had no idea. He knew what they were aiming at but since they could not actually observe the fall of the shot, didn't know if they hit it.

A junior staff officer told the Prince and the general that if he gave him until morning he could tell them where the shells landed. He then got on a bike and cycled a few miles closer to the target city and waited patiently until the French delivered the morning newspapers which went in to some detail about the damage in the city caused by mysterious explosives that appeared to have come out of nowhere.

You know we have now an entire useless class of destroyer. The damned things cost billions of dollars and are practically worthless because they don't do air defense and the amazing scientifical gun they were built to carry costs as much to fire as it costs to open the Stargate. Every round costs as much as an actual Tomahawk missile and so, of course, Congress said it wasn't going to buy any of those things because the Navy would just waste them.

We have an F-35 which is the all-in-one cheapo fighter that was going to replace everything in the air and be cheaper than the ridiculously expensive F-22 which, as you know, actually seems to have come in at about half the fly-away cost of one F-35 but was considered unaffordable at the time.

We really need to take the Department of Defense down to the river and throw in all their current program managers. They can be like our modern version of witches. If any of them float we know they're a witch and we can dry them off and burn them at the metal stakes we'll erect in the Mall.


Stolen ruthlessly from the bayou dude's place because it's just that funny and I've always said fishing is dangerous.

Monday, December 4, 2017


I was led to a column in the Washington Post today that indicated that Sessions was really doing an awesome job at Justice even though he was all alone and surrounded by progressives who like to sue nuns for not providing abortions. It took me a couple of seconds to realize where the drizzle of praise for Sessions was coming from.

Found it!
But despite a dearth of confirmed assistant attorneys general and other aides, Mr. Sessions has largely succeeded in shutting down much of the Obama-era leftism that was so alive in the Justice Department when he got there and setting it on a Reagan-like path.
In a front-page story just last week, a Washington Post headline announced that “While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department,” going on to say that “the attorney general has been among the most effective of the Cabinet secretaries — implementing Trump’s conservative policy agenda even as the president publicly and privately toys with firing him over his decision to recuse himself from the Russia case.”
If you hit the link you'll find yourself at the Washington Times. For some reason, the Washington Times is now quoting the Washington Post in its stories. I suspect that the Times has by now been fully co-opted and is part and parcel of the media giant that reliably furnishes this country with fake news.

It's kind of saddening that if I want to read reliable, accurate, honest news, I have to read the UK Daily Times. Say what you will, if I want a report that includes the who, what, where, when, I have grown accustomed to looking for it in the British papers because our journalists are unfamiliar with the concept of reporting the news.

Sessions has not done anything right in his current job. Making a major play to squash drug dealers when most of the states have all moved forward and legalized one of the controlled narcotics because there is no way to keep the people from buying grass is just a part of his failure to come to terms with actual law enforcement.  No no, I'm not urging him to act on grass. It's a slippery slope, he's an old man and I'm sure he'd slip and do himself an injury if he tried. I'm just saying,  The country would get a kick out of an Attorney General who actually made a point of going after the big time criminals like Hillary, Cheryl Mills, etc and threw them in jail after a SPEEDY trial.

Why the hell does it take these guys years to make a case a child could have made in a week? It's not like they even ever intend to go to court but they assure us all that justice and it's wheels are finely grinding to the truth of the matter and that the guilty shall be punished. I'll believe it when Hillary is in federal prison for countless violations of the National Security laws she didn't think applied to her, her friends, her assistants, her computers, her email, her servers. She exploited national security the way Bill Clinton exploited interns.

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Guy I used to know had that as his license plate. He was a SEAL.

I wondered tonight, after a wonderful night out, just how does a modern day football coach motivate a whole flock of prima donna millionaires he can't fire, can't send to Iraq, can't torture/torment or send to Cuba, when his peers all agree that they can't make the lousy little dirtbags stand up for the national anthem? It does pose a question.

What does it take to get the 'average' man on the Cleveland Browns to stand up and actually play football? I don't know and I don't care as the famous Carl used to say. More intrinsically, what made the Cavs win against the Golden shower when any and all observers could see that one set of men were playing as a team that knew how to pass, advance, score and rebound and the other team had never been introduced to the idea of playing as a team?

Just some late night thoughts before I start my zen moment of cleaning a floor.

Friday, December 1, 2017


It is, I suppose, fitting, for the general  to go the flames for the boss.

With this boss, I expect a reprieve but I've been wrong before.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


We shall see.

Mind you, as a Knight Bachelor of Solana Beach, I used to buy the Sunday version for $5.00 at my local book shop and read it at the Stratford cafe. I read it from cover to cover and thought about 30% was worth it, for the book review that was in it. Nowadays, if I get linked to any article with the Times logo at the top, I simply stop and delete. They parted company with real news, real facts, real issues in 1917, but I'm a stayer.

Not so much anymore. If I see that fancy little T at the top, I stop. It doesn't make me angry but it is just like AP. If I want to read a story where all the facts are left out, I can read Ellery Queen.

If you look at the photo shot, can you imagine, how President Trump plays these guys like a master guitarist?

Yeah, they don't get that either.


I'm done. Fed up with "he touched me" stories from decades ago.

It really truly is the Salem witch again and again. At some point, we'll go back to Amerika and civilization and safe spaces will once again be a place where a little girl named Anne lived until the real, no kidding, nazis came to kill her and her family.

I'm so tired of the fake nazis. Doesn't mean I want real nazis.


I don't really see law in this particular case.  People bought the property legally, fairly, in an upfront and transparent fashion and I'm not aware of any law that says some bunch of plutocrats can vote in council to just revoke it because their minions fuc'ed up and followed policy and put it up for sale like a boat, or a house, or a car, or an apartment building that the city had seized.

San Francisco Insists that this is theirs!!!
A couple of people buy a road in Baghdad on the Bay that was offered for sale by the city of San Francisco. They paid the money and they got the property almost a year ago. The Illuminati who live on the street are outraged and do what the Illuminati do and told their lickspittles in city hall to "DO SOMETHING! YOU MORONS!@!!!"

I'm not exactly sure how the City/County of Stu[id Fulx can obviate and neuter and transgender a transfer of deed/title, just because of the 'eewwwww it smells' in it.

I enjoy watching the pant suited velociraptors going after the entrepreneur. As you know, in the movies? They mostly win.

I will leave it as an exercise for the student to determine who I mean by "they". Good luck.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The link vanished for years and yet suddenly, tonight, there it is. These are incredible gymnasts. I was awed by their performance throughout that Olympics. Amazing feats.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I was reading along and ran across this:
In the few areas where Trump conceivably differed from his 16 primary Republican rivals—immigration, trade, and foreign policy—the 20th-century Republican/conservative orthodoxy was actually closer to Trump’s positions than to those of recent Republican nominees, John McCain or Mitt Romney.
I kind of like the sound of it but I mislaid the link. President Trump was not the candidate coughed up by a corrupt Party apparatus, he was the guy who went toe to toe again and again against some real heavy-weight rethuglican party powers and he kicked their asses.

People didn't just choose to elect the chief thuglican after a knife fight. There was one party of ideas that spilled out of 16 candidates and there is this other party of two ideas with just the 1 candidate. As a side note, Bernie was the Socialist Party running as a democrat. 

Hillary was a velociraptor in a pantsuit and behaved like it. 60 million people, not necessarily Americans, voted for the velociraptor. And still all them wonder just what kind of thug wouldn't vote for a velociraptor in a pantsuit.

It's kind of scary, John Kerry or slimyJoe Biden could have won that race and be the president now. How grotesquely awful was Hillary, the nominee of her corrupt regime, her corrupt Party apparatus, her corrupt media and the corrupt grabby Hollywood powers, that she couldn't scare enough people into voting for her, or, more honestly, steal the election with the invisible voter fraud that doesn't exist?

I see Congressman John Conyers (D-Corruption/Judiciary Committee) used our money to pay off the women he harassed for decades. How bloody typical. 
"No, no Miss Amway, we didn't use 'your' tax dollars to buy a bomber. We gave your tax dollars to the countless women who accused democratic congressmen of harassing them, for the public good that was in it."
I used to have a job that required me to know the federal budget inside out. I used THOMAS.GOV all the time and I still hardly ever find the actual money appropriation I needed. Still, those Congressional @ssholes probably hid the budget line for paying off harassment and rape claims in the black budget, which wasn't in THOMAS.

On the other hand, if you want to get angry at something else, there's always the incredible F-35.

Monday, November 27, 2017


From the usual source of mal-science and bad-information comes the latest food safety trolling from the New York Times.

The report sounds pretty bleak.
If you are already elbow-deep in holiday cake and cookie batter, you may just want to take your chances and stop reading here.

Tasting uncooked foods made with flour can make you dangerously ill, according to a study published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine. The report, which recounts the detective work that led to a recall of more than 10 million pounds of flour in the summer of 2016, confirms that a type of E. coli bacteria previously discovered lurking in wet environments like hamburger meat and leafy vegetables can also thrive in arid hosts.
 Dr. Neill called their work “absolutely dogged.” Researchers went through tiers of inquiry, asking patients about their food-prep and eating around the time they became ill. Tasting raw baking dough was a common factor. 
In addition to refraining from tasting uncooked flour dishes, she advised people to wash their hands in hot, soapy water after handling flour,...
It certainly looks dangerous to me
Ms. Chang, winner of the 2016 James Beard Award for Outstanding Baker, carefully sifted through her own risk analysis. At last she broke the news to some of her bakers. 
“They all laughed at me,” she said.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


I sometimes visit a website that was on the blogroll of Lex. I went there just now and learned that the website of the man that first got me interested in blogging has been overtaken and that the link to has been hijacked and vanished. To be honest, I expected that to happen many years ago.

The weblink leads to some sort of gaming site, and finding it tonight reminds me to check those on my own blogroll who have left the building. I'm pretty sure I don't need to send my handful of readers to the equivalent of:

Ted Burge is famous for many of his insights but this one remains:

Still and all, it must have been a wrenching decision to let go.

Go with God, Lex.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


There is a wonderful "moment of truthiness" in a pair of twits that showed up today. It speaks volumes about Time Magazine. They've joined Newsweek in missing just about every single particle of "real as opposed to fake news" since midway through the Vietnam War. They made up the news for at least a generation, my generation. I haven't believed them since I was a paperboy in Newport, RI over 40 years ago.

What they don't make up they simply ignore or twist to suit their imperatives to support the DNC. I suspect there hasn't been a peep about any of the sexual harassment accusations launched against democrats for the last 3 weeks. It's like there's no story there.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Act now before the whole world is bathed in the actinic light of a trillion LEDs!

It's not too late to save it, all you have to do is stop lighting the dark.

North Korea is leading the charge on this new front in war on global science and darkness.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I have long been a fan of the modern Saki, but his last column convinces me that he lost his mind after he left Asia.

He got just about every single thing wrong.
Unlike many of my conservative friends, I thought Merkel the lesser evil ("A deplorable vote for Angela Merkel," February 2017). Merkel is an American ally; whoever might replace her will be more eager to cut deals with Russia. Perhaps at some future date the Alternative für Deutschland might become part of a natural majority along with the Christian Democrats and Free Democrats, but it first needs to purge leaders like its Vice-Chairman Alexander Gauland, a Putin crony who thinks Americans are "a people thrown together at random without their own culture." There are some very good people in the second-tier leadership of the Alternative party, but they have their work cut out for them.
Amerika finally pulled out of Germany after occupying it for over half a century because it was just so damned ridiculously dangerous and Europeans, by and large, are as flagrantly incompetent as you can get in an era of nuclear bombs and ICBMs. No, read the sentence the way it was written. We left because the Cold War was over.

Angela Merkel, hardline commie ruler right out of East Germany is a "friend" of the United States? When did that happen? More importantly, who cares? Who wants a friend like that?

Somebody else wants to cut deals with Russia? For money?!!!  Call the DNC!!!!!

Spengler has room for doubt. What europeans have been saying for the last 20 years is now starting to drive policy and it is, once again, time for the old policy people who think they have a divine right to rule, to step aside. "They can't," people say, because without the Kaiser chaos will walk the streets.
As it happens, I think people have had enough of the "experts" and Ivy League rulers who know so much more than us.

Yeah, Europe is going to be faced with its perennial problem again in the near future. But if there is one group gauranteed to be able to hide a few million corpses, I'd say europe can. They got good at it the last time we turned our back on them and their little issues.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


I remember when I could still find these dimes in circulation. I was little then and never found a Liberty dollar outside in the wild. Our coins used to be beautiful. Then we stuck dead presidents on them and they lost their luster.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Poor Donna. Gone just like that. Sort of like Vince Foster who was eaten by a shark in a park in DC.

Darned sharks.

Just saying.



Donna Brazile, still alive. Castro wonders. Franco welcomes her to the undead.